Meet the Team


Kenneth Greenway, Cemetery Park Manager

I’ve been employed to work in THCP since September 2002. For fifteen years the Cemetery Park has become a place of immense professional and personal pleasure. It is a place that continuously delights and holds my attention. I love how the Cemetery Park has become a focus of interest and enjoyment to the community that surrounds us. I take an enormous amount of satisfaction from the way wildlife and people have responded so overwhelmingly positive to the efforts of the Friends and our volunteers. My role in THCP has changed dramatically over years but at is core has always been people and the involvement of people in THCP. I love to pick litter, lead walks, talks and volunteer work parties.

Daniel Hall, Cemetery Park Officer

Sarah Tibbatts, Training and Learning Development Manager

Sarah is managing a programme of training and leisure learning funded by City Bridge Trust, Esmee

Fairbairn Foundation and Goldman Sachs.  She also works on fundraising, events organising and assists with the public and corporate volunteering programme.

Her skill set encompasses business management, communications, training, education, and practical conservation and she has 25 years of experience across charities, businesses, social enterprises, local and central government.

Trustees and key volunteers

Fran Humber, Chairperson

Works as a Conservation Director for the Charity, Blue Ventures.   Fran is responsible for overseeing their conservation programmes and partnerships in Madagascar, Belize, Comoros, Mozambique and Timor-Leste.

Fran brings to the role an immense amount of experience and wisdom from the charity sector, as well as a deep understanding of what is necessary to secure a bright future for the Friends and the Cemetery Park.

Terry Lyle, Vice Chairperson

Helen Conford, Trustee
Helen is a publishing director at Penguin Books. Having lived in Tower Hamlets since 2006, she discovered the Cemetery Park in 2015 and has been involved with the Friends since January 2016.