The public are welcome to enjoy the Cemetery Park 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

Many people enjoy walking, jogging, cycling, exercising, picnicking, relaxing, and simply enjoying peace and quiet, history and nature in this special, tranquil place.  We look forward to seeing you!

We have installed metal 'kissing gates' to allow pedestrians, pushchairs, wheelchairs and bikes IN at all times, but keep motorbikes out.  We have also resurfaced all the main paths with recycled material, so they now provide excellent disabled and pushchair access all year round, and are also great for runners.

Please note that the main double gates on Southern Grove are open from dawn to dusk daily.  All other gates are open 24h.

Group Visits

Do you plan to visit us to use the Cemetery Park for an educational reason or with a group? If so, please contact us.  

We really appreciate and value hearing from you before your planned visit. 

If you talk to us beforehand,  we could give you a welcome introduction to the Park upon arrival, be available you show you round, offer you access to toilets and a place to store belongings.  We can also help you to plan your route and share some of our more interesting, less known items of interest.

We can also run bespoke events to your requirements.


Well behaved dogs are welcome - you must pick up after your pet! 

London Borough of Tower Hamlets has designated all its streets, parks, open spaces and housing land under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

This law says that dog walkers must clean up straightaway after their dog has fouled. Owners must carry poop scoops or bags for cleaning up after their dog. Clean up must be immediate.

Not noticing that the dog has fouled is no excuse - it is the dog walker's responsibility to be vigilant. Anyone in charge of a dog, whether or not they own it, must comply with this act. Failure to do so can result in prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.


Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is owned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and is regulated by its bylaws. You can read the council's regulations set out in the Bylaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces

The key points being:

- No unauthorised vehicles 

- No unauthorised barbecues or fires

- No unauthorised collecting or cutting of wood

- No camping

- Do not litter

School Visits

Schools can take part in a wide range of non- curricular activities such as nature and heritage trails, habitat exploration in our ponds, meadows and woodland, discovering mini-beasts and plant and animal species identification.

Sessions led by our staff are 90 minutes long, cost £200 per class (max 30 children) and include use of the Soanes Centre facilities. 

Self-led school visits cost £35 per hour per class (max 30 children).

Forest School sessions for children up to 16 years are available. Sessions are two hours long and cost £120 for a maximum of 15 students.

For more information and to book a visit please call the office on 0208 983 1277

Filming and Media

Filming always requires prior permission.  Please visit our Filming and Media page.


Every wild plant that can be found in THCP exists due to the hard work of almost 3000  volunteers a year and our financial resources, which as a registered charity are finite.

Bylaws prevent foraging in the Cemetery Park.  Commercial foraging is forbidden; foraging for personal use is by permission.

We ask visitors to forage sustainably and responsibly, and please make sure you stay safe and within the law.

We also ask foragers to adhere to the guidelines produced by the Woodland Trust. Click here.

Key points from Tower Hamlets bylaws being:

 - No person shall, without reasonable excuse, remove from or displace within the ground: any stone, soil or turf or the whole or part of any plant, shrub or tree

We run occasional events where you can learn to forage under supervision of a member of staff.  Subscribe to our mailing list to be kept informed.

We will follow up with anyone suspected of commercial foraging to prevents scenes in the Cemetery Park like you see below.  This kind of greedy foraging is irresponsible, selfish and an eyesore.  What commercial foragers see as financial gain we see as selfish vandalism and an eyesore.  Ethically, is it ok to take without asking and earn income from the physical and financial efforts of a registered Charity?