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The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park are delivering 'Nature and Us', a community cohesion project funded by Tower Hamlets Council. It will be delivered in two focus areas: (1) Aldgate East, Whitechapel and Shadwell; and (2) Mile End and Stepney. 

'Nature and Us' brings the local community together through nature; creating green spaces for people to enjoy, developing people's skills in local nature and delivering fun nature-based activities. The project is FREE and open to all who live, work or study in the areas listed above. 

We have a range of participants and volunteers involved in the project, and we partner with organisations such as schools, community groups and businesses. Events range from bulb planting, minibeast hunts, natural arts and crafts, as well as courses to improve your nature based skills. 


Shandy Park
Harford Street, Mile End, E1 (events start promptly at Harford Street and Bale Road corner)

  • • Winter Tree walk - Stroll around the park & neighbourhood discovering local trees in winter
    •           ◦ Saturday 8th December (10:30am-12pm)

Harford Multi Centre
115 Harford Street, Mile End, E1 4FG

  •      • Nature Poetry Course - A 3 week evening course introducing you to the relationship between nature and poetry; reading, writing and           group discussion (spaces are limited - please book a place by calling 0208 983 1277 or emailing
  •           ◦ 15th January, 22nd January and 29th January (Tuesdays; 6:30pm-7:30pm) 

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park
The Soanes Centre, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Southern Grove, E3 4PX

  • SOLD OUT! Glow-Wild Lanterns - LED lantern making and walk in Park
    •           ◦ Thursday 20th December (4pm-5:30pm)

Swedenborg Gardens
Wellclose Square, Shadwell, E1 (events start promptly at the Wellclose Square entrance)

  • Winter Tree walk - Stroll around the park & neighbourhood discovering local trees in winter
    •          ◦ Saturday 8th December (1pm-2:30pm)


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If you would like to join us as a partner, a volunteer, or tell us what events you would like to see advertised, please do not hesitate to call us on 0208 983 1277 or email Below you can subscribe to the 'Nature and Us' mailing list, through which you will automatically be updated on our FREE event.

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